Wellawaya a village situated in the Monaragala district, Uva province belonging to the dry zone of Sri Lanka. A predominantly agrarian based region, it is home to many marginalized communities and has numerous financial, social and cultural disadvantages. Due to the regions rainfed agricultural system and lack of proper irrigation, there is a high level of continual poverty among the community. Access to clean water and transportation is also a problem that the community faces on a day to day basis. Also Education is a vital need that is violently kept aside in the area due to lack of proper schools, teachers  other interiors and resources.


The students of the Wellawaya area are therefore at a disadvantage as they live under very poor living conditions, in remote areas with little or no access to educational support. Arthacharya Foundation and EFIM Foundation Netherlands initiated to establish a community centre which can accommodate a much needed  preschool facility so that the poor working mothers who are clients of the microfinance programme could use their time in production activities which in turn will generate incomes to support the families. Additionally Wellawaya Preschool helps to provide primary education for the poor children in Wellawaya. In 2015 September the preschool was opened to the children in Wellawaya.

The financial and the itinerary support was given by the Vebego Foundation Netherlands and EFIM Foundation . EFIM Foundation was funded for the outdoor play equipment. Currently there are 50 students. One head teacher and two assistant teachers are working in the preschool.