Our Education Scholar Dulanjali Gunawardhana has been selected to the Law Faculty in University of Colombo. Her success noted in the history that this is the first time in Wellawaya student got the opportunity to enter the Faculty of Law.

Let’s hear her story!

I am Dulanjali Gunawardhena and live in Kudaoya. It is a rural area. I have a brother and he is studying in grade 8. My parents are farmers and they cultivate vegetables.  We are very poor family. I faced for A/L examination in 2015. I followed art subjects Sinhala, political science, Buddhist civilization. I have 3A passes. My district rank is 13. So now I have been selected to law faculty of the university of Colombo. I and my family impressed a lot to hear about my university.

I got more help from Arthacharya Foundation from the beginning. It was useful to pay for my tuition classes. My university dream would be just a dream if I was benefited from Arthacharya.  I am thankful for Arthavida foundation and like to remind Mr. Egbert Hendriks and Ms Joke and all the staff members. They are very kind hearted persons, so precious time I have them.