The Arthacharya Community centre was open to the public on 25th September 2015 by HE the ambassador Joanne Doornewaard and the distinguished guests. This was a great pillar project conducted by Arthacharya Foundation with the successful collaboration of EFIM Foundation.


Stick into the goal of poverty reduction, through making those underprivileged people into the main stream Arthacharya Foundation successfully completed this project for the people in Wellawaya. Wellawaya which is situated in Uva province, Moneragala district, Sri Lanka considered as the one of the poorest DS division in the country. A predominantly agricultural region it is home to many marginalized communities and has numerous financial and social disadvantages. Arthacharya Foundation (AF) has been actively engaged in poverty reduction programmes in the Wellawaya Divisional Secretary’s Division for more than four years.

dsc_0243The need of community centre was first suggested by Mr Egbert Hendriks during the period of their observation in Wellawaya. Most of mothers depicted the requirement of common place to do their activities. Also they highlighted the absence of early children care facilities in the area. One of them will be using the community centre to conduct English classes for school children who are badly affected by the available meager facilities for English in the whole district. AF will also examine the possibility of conducting classes for other subjects such as science and mathematics as well. Besides, the community centre will also function as a library for school children and the youth in the area. Furthermore, the space will be used for recreational facilities for the same groups given the high incidence of suicides among the youth in the area who often resort to harming themselves due to a multitude of social, economic and environmental problems prevalent in the area. Indoor and outdoor games for which there is ample space, new paper reading and internet browsing are expected to provide them the opportunity to work as a team, socialize with each other, and amplify their innate strengths. Finally, a part of the community centre will be used for the administrative office of Arthavida Foundation (AvF) which manages microfinance programme. Depending on the availability the space will be used as a training and meeting hall for the clients of the microfinance programme and the beneficiaries of the irrigation programmes which too is an initiative of the EFIMHF .

 The erection of the buildings of the community centre was funded by EFIM foundation, Vebego foundation, Cordaid foundation, Marthe van Risjswijck Foundation and freemasons Netherlands.