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25th Anniversary Celebration

Arthacharya Foundation made significant contribution towards poverty alleviation- Arthacharya Celebrated its Silver

Arthacharya is a common Sanskrit term used in Sri Lankan society, well understood by both Sinhala and Tamil speaking communities. Literally it means economic behavior. In a more complete and positive sense Arthacharya means constructive socio-economic activity.

Arthacharya socially mobilizes the poorest sections of Sri Lankan society to reduce and alleviate their poverty. This is done through programmes and projects implemented in marginal areas in the country based on needs assessments made by communities themselves with Arthacharya’s assistance.

Engaged in poverty reduction Arthacharya is an organisation which knows exactly what it is doing. It is definitely not another service delivery operation. Based on its Vision and Mission as well as the Goals and Objectives Arthacharya has carved a strategy to address poverty related issues of the poor.

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