Legal Status 

Arthacharya Foundation is a national NGO registered with the Department of Registrar of Companies and Societies as well as the Department of Social Services. International Liaison Committee for Food Corps Programmes (CILCA International), which is an American PVO working in Africa and Latin America, is the parent organization of Arthacharya Foundation.

Organizational Structure 

At the top of the organization is the Board of Directors (all volunteers) which is the policy making body. At the second level is the staff of the organization headed by the Executive Director who is responsible to the Board of Directors. The Foundation works through Community Based Organizations (CBO) of the beneficiaries at the village level.

Strength of staff 

15 field staff consisting of managers,CFs (community facilitators) and And accounts personnel with 8 in the head office 11 out of the 15 members of the staff are women.

External auditors

Wickremasinghe and Dayananda Co., Chartered Accountants;


AF’s Membership in NGO Consultative Committee of the World Bank Advisory Bodies

Advisory Roles

  • NGO Consultative Committee of the UNDP NGO Consultative Committee of the Asian Development Bank
  • Advisory Committee of the UNDAF Consultative Committee on Poverty Policy Framework for Sri Lanka appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka and funded by the World Bank and UNDP Consultative Committee on Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) formulated by the GOSL and the World Bank
  • GOSL’s Advisory Committee to frame a water policy
  • Consultative Committee on City Development Strategy funded by UNCHS-Habitat
  • Member of the needs assessment team formed jointly by IMF, WB, ADB and UNDP to assess the needs of the communities in the North and East and border districts to formulate plans to be submitted to the Aid Consortium to be held in Japan in 2001.
  • ADB’s international consultative committee to develop policy on ADG-government-NGO relations.
  • ADB appointed AF’s executive director to its Inspection Team, which independently probes complaints against ADB funded projects.

Prizes and awards won

  • Rabobank Foundation, Netherlands selected AF as its best micro-finance partners in the third world in celebrating its centenary. AF was awarded Dfl. 150,000 (US $ 75,000)
  • Microsoft selected AF as one of the two best MFI sin Sri Lanaka and awarded Rs. 8 million in 2006.
  • World Bank nominated AF for the prizes awarded jointly by UN Habitat and Dubai Municipal Council for Urban Poverty Alleviation and Environment activities.

Consultancies undertaken

  • World Bank Resident Mission, Colombo undertaken from Designing a Community Driven Development (CDD) project for selected communities in Polonnaruwa district
  • Arthacharya was consulted by the World Bank, India in designing its poverty alleviation projects in Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan.
  • Arthacharya was consulted by the Asian Development Bank in designing its 2000-2015 Poverty Alleviation Strategy.
  • UNOPS Malaysia consulted Arthacharya in designing NGO programmes for Myanmar.
  • Asian Development Bank consulted Arthacharya in developing its policy on NGO-GO relations in October 2002
  • Asian Development Bank and Ministry of Finance of the GOSL assigned Arthacharya to conduct a mediation confirmation exercise with the objectors to the Southern Highway to be constructed shortly.
  • ADB and Ministry of Highways has assigned AF to follow up mediation activities with the affected families of the Southern Transport Development Project.