Barbara and Pieter

Pieter and Barbara

Pieter was born in 1967 and works currently as a Director in an international merchant operation. Pieter is used to work in a big cooperate environment and has a strong business economical background ( MBA). Biggest part of his working life he spent in the Paper and Packaging industry, but being raised on the countryside he has a natural connection with environmental affairs and agriculture. Due to his business experience he has a good network of entrepreneurs in all different kind of sectors.

Barbara born in 1969 and works currently as a communication manager for a number of cooperated municipalities. Barbara is a great organizer who really gets things done. She is committed to execute ideas and strong in motivating people to support and help. With a passionate drive for charity, Barbara makes sure that good intentions also turn into good results. Through her working experience, she knows how to put together a communication plan, incl. social media and internet usage. A social and creative mindset, not afraid to think outside the box and strong in building trust and relationship with all kinds of people.

Barbara and Pieter had a great intension to work for poor in the world. They planned to go to a country where they could work Finally they reached the Sampath Foundation who is a main donor of Arthacharya. They introduce themselves to Egbert Hendriks and told their genuine intension. They were introduced to Arthacharya. They voluntarily spent their time and labour for Arthahcarya. They came on November 2017 and spent three months in Sri Lanka. During their time they worked as volunteers for the organization. Formulating project proposals and budget, key planning, and other ground level activities were done by them.

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